BabyFurs on the Web

Connect with other babyfurs on the internet. Listed below are some please both on BabyFur.ME and off site where you can find babyfurs online.


Groups on BabyFur.ME - Babyfur interest groups that cover just about everything you might be interested in.

Forums on BabyFur.ME - Babyfur topic based discussion boards/forums.

BabyFur.ME IRC Chat - Details about how to connect to the official BabyFur.ME IRC Channel on AnthroChat.


BabyFurs In Real Life

Meet up with other babyfurs near you! Listed below are some resouces found only on BabyFur.ME that offer babyfurs a way to connect with each other and meet other babyfurs near them.


Proximity Locator - A tool designed to show you other babyfurs that might live near you.

BabyFur.ME Events - Events created by other babyfurs. Babyfur events near you will show up on the proximity locator.