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  • Species: Red Panda


    Backstory: I never really gave this OC much backstory since she was last minute at the time. But, I'm sure she'll have one eventually. For the moment, she's just ...


    Appearance: Simple anthropomorphic red panda.
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  • Species: Folf


    Backstory: He is a caretaker that always enjoys caring for little cub.


    Appearance: Shorter than an average 26 year old. Has two eye colors
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  • Species: raccoon


    Backstory: Sly Nook's regressed form. Timani (or Timmy for those with trouble enunciating) is very adventurous and likes to try new things. He especially likes t ...


    Appearance: Timani is basically a mini Sly, with the same fur and slightly chubby build. He has grey fur and black markings in the usual raccoon patterns. He alwa ...
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  • Species: Tanuki raccoon


    Backstory: Sly Nook is a chubby raccoon (with tanuki ancestry) writer who spends most of his time in his own head coming up with stories. Like most tanuki, Sly i ...


    Appearance: Sly is a chubby raccoon with some tanuki ancestry. Specifically a magical raccoon, not a raccoon dog, He has the same general look of a north american ...
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  • Species: Fennec Fox


    Appearance: sandy fur with a lavender gradient on tail and legs
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  • Species: Bear


    Appearance: He he has a cream color appearance with green paws, blue hair, and purple around his eyes.
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  • Species: Bear


    Backstory: Lineage unknown. He was probably conceived in a tool shed, but insists on having the title of "esquire". Accusations that suggest he doesn't actually ...


    Appearance: Typically wears a shearling coat with multiple deep pockets. These hold an unnerving amount of things he probably shouldn't have, and always manage to ...
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  • Species: fox


    Backstory: she was always a loner and always will be until she runs into a fur who changes all of that for her


    Appearance: bright orange with white
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  • Species: Alien Raccoon


    Backstory: I have special powers including telepathy and time travel due to my advanced technology or my natural abilities the knowledge was lost in the history ...


    Appearance: look at profile image
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  • Species: Cabbit


    Appearance: A light pink fluffy little cub that is crossed species between a cat and a rabbit. Her ears are pointy much like a cat but, more round at the top. Whe ...
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  • Species: wolf


    Backstory: she has always been shy her whole life but music helped her and it was vivziepop's oc JayJay that made her come out of her shell a little bit.Ever sin ...


    Appearance: dark blue tiped ears light blue main fur with a bit of dark blue her hair is dark blue with a light purpple stripe running through it wears a red stra ...
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  • Species: Ink Demon


    Backstory: This little ink demon is quite the mischief maker! Watch out for his Telekinesis!


    Appearance: He has long lop ears and little bumpy horns. He wears glasses and carries a Silver the Hedgehog plush everywhere.
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  • Species: Tigecko


    Backstory: She's a Caretaker and loves all children! You can call her Mommy!


    Appearance: Wears a lovely lavender sweater and gold earrings. She's striped like a tiger with a large Tail of a gecko.
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  • Species: Japanese Akita Inu


    Backstory: Kenji can basically be described as a rich brat in simplest terms, but as for a backstory... Kenji was born to his two Japan native parents in the ...


    Appearance: You won't find Kenji without his special hat his father brought him from Japan, or his collar. His tush is also usually covered in a thick more high-e ...
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  • Species: Canine and Bovine


    Backstory: Charolais is a golden retriever/Charolais bull mix. He's a playful and stubborn little bullpup from Texas. His days are full of explorin', chewin', an ...


    Appearance: Pale gold with cream accents on the tips of the ears and fingers, inner arms, inner thighs, underside of tail, muzzle, and torso. Small nubby horns, ...
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  • Species: Fox Demon


    Appearance: Height: 1.6ft Weight: 15lbs Body: Slim, human like upper body, fox legs and tail (cream fur on legs and tail only) Head/face: Red/orange hair in a ...
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  • Species: Puppy


    Appearance: curly tail, floppy ears, white and cyan fur, gold eyes.